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  • 312,00 €

    Structure with finishes to choose: lacquered in white, walnut, oak or matte black.

    312,00 €
  • 450,80 €

    Structure in wood. Lacquered in white or oak.

    450,80 €
  • 312,00 €

    The Waltz bookcase shapes it with rhythm. Inspired by the sizes of the objects it can hold, it breaks with the common stiffness of typical shelves.

    312,00 €
  • 184,80 €

    The Delta shelf adds dynamism and a distinctive touch to the collection. Its shelves run away from traditional lines and turn it into a very dynamic shelf. The backless module is ideal for delimiting spaces but you can add backs to some elements.

    184,80 €
  • 424,80 €

    Rotary bookcase with triple functionality - shelf, room divider or decorative piece.This rotating shelf has been designed to be noticeable in any environment. One of its peculiarities is to have a revolving base. This shelf can be purchased up to five shelf levels.

    424,80 €
  • 220,80 €

    Recalling a chessboard, Branch is composed of multiple rectangles, alternately open and closed, both front and side, containing doors in the central columns. Your objects can be visible, or hidden, giving you a useful way to dispose of them and organize them.

    220,80 €
  • 432,00 €

    Lacquered in white with contrasts in white, walnut or light gray.

    432,00 €
  • 360,80 €

    With an enormous amount of compartments to put objects of diverse dimensions, the Panorama shelf creates a unique visual effect. Both the "High" and "Low" versions are valid options for entering dynamics in any living room, bedroom or office.

    360,80 €
  • 397,00 €

    A piece of decoration par excellence. Wind is not intimidated when it is necessary to assert itself. The diagonal lines reveal movement and rhythm. Wind is available in other colors, bringing a touch of brightness and color to any environment.

    397,00 €
  • 57,60 €

    Made of lacquered wood. Optional color: blue, green, gray, red, black and white.

    57,60 €
Showing 1 - 10 of 10 items