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  • 1 590,00 €

    Olhar e contemplar. Isto o que se faz quando se gosta!

    1 590,00 €
  • 158,00 €

    Imagine dragons, snakes to fly, belly dancing ... No, it's better to watch TV.

    158,00 €
  • 246,00 €

    Oak table and white door. Trait of crossed lines, which are at the origin of the name Cross.

    246,00 €
  • 179,00 €

    Versatile, the TV Cliff mobile adapts to any room in the room.The dynamics of the two levels allows you to adjust the top shelf by sliding it horizontally or perpendicularly, forming a corner or bypassing another furniture such as a sofa .

    179,00 €
  • 197,20 €

    TV table that finds in the detail of its diagonal doors the originality of its design, and in its dimension the ideal solution for any apartment or loft.

    197,20 €
  • 573,75 €

    A very modern TV furniture, with some lateral storage. Great element for a movie theater.

    573,75 €
  • 364,00 €

    TV table with two sliding doors, both in white or in a combination of gray and white.

    364,00 €
  • 858,00 €

    Bright and satin, the Glare sideboard impresses with its brightness. The simple design makes this trimmer an adaptable element to any style. The high-gloss finish, with lacquered steel legs, makes Glare stand out in any environment.

    858,00 €
  • 425,00 €

    The elegant TV table evokes the Japanese city of Nara, which has served as a source of inspiration for its pure and minimalist lines. The Nara can work as a console in any room of the house thanks to its two drawers. Attractive from any angle, Nara can also be used as a room divider.

    425,00 €
  • 392,00 €

    Structure in wood. Finish: pure white

    392,00 €
  • 450,00 €

    Inspired by the natural forms of tree branches, the Oliva line is based on an angular structure. The glass top shows the diagonal elements of the multifunctional parts of this collection. Available with TV mobile, dining table, coffee table, coffee table and console, Oliva line is a complete range of products for the living room and dining room.

    450,00 €
  • 434,00 €

    The Slide conveys the simplicity of minimalist design. It includes plenty of storage space for objects that can be hidden or exposed. With several options for door trim, Slide introduces lightness to any space.

    434,00 €
Showing 1 - 12 of 15 items