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  • 154,80 €

    Valued by wood, appreciated by the style

    154,80 €
  • 328,80 €

    Square table with 2 upper tops: the larger one opens sliding and allows greater storage inside; The smaller one opens up against one of the sides, allowing small objects such as dvds to be stored inside. Designed to match the Dann sideboard.

    328,80 €
  • 676,80 €

    Support table with an original opening in your ceramic top, ideal for housekeeping or decoration.

    676,80 €
  • 309,60 €

    The Goa table combines simplicity and functionality with a stylistic detail where the different perspectives show unique views in an appealing sequence of dividers that reveals not only the visual power of its design but also the necessary practical function of several concealed storage compartments. Available as coffee table and corner.

    309,60 €
  • 475,20 €

    Its originality comes from accentuated geometric shapes, which give it diagonal storage functionality, ideal for magazines. Its glass top marks a necessary contrast of lightness, as opposed to the great visual weight of the base.

    475,20 €
  • 250,60 €

    The Prairie family of tables includes center and support tables, available in various sizes and possible to match in different finishes. For their simplicity, they are pieces that fit easily in any environment and that combine with the most diverse decorations.

    250,60 €
  • 237,60 €

    The Jazz coffee table has an extensible structure, which opens and closes as desired, allowing several uses. The attractive design and contrast of the black and walnut finish make the Jazz table an essential element for any room.

    237,60 €
  • 244,80 €

    Multifunctional coffee table, with concealed storage space and small play table option in the central area of the top, which has a green playing mat on its back.

    244,80 €
  • 192,00 €

    Two completely asymmetrical pieces that result in the combination of one. A simple but unconventional coffee table that can be multifunctional.

    192,00 €
  • 312,00 €

    Kyoto is another piece made to amaze. A coffee table with tabletop made up of four squares. His short stature is a Japanese inspiration.

    312,00 €
  • 240,00 €

    The Scale tables adapt to different situations, thanks to the possibility of taking three different heights. Careful attention to detail results in a contemporary design product that fits into a chic urban style. Available as coffee table and corner.

    240,00 €
  • 151,20 €

    Wooden structure with lacquered finish. Optional color: white or light blue.

    151,20 €
Showing 1 - 12 of 21 items